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Generate recurring passive income by reselling scraper tools. Find out how easy it is to resell scraper tools and earn commissions with the Scraper Tool Reseller Panel. This post covers everything about the Scraper Tool Reseller Panel – how it works, tools available, commission rates, tips for maximizing sales, and more. The perfect intro for prospective resellers.

For Create Reseller account You have to First Contact us.

Contact us through Phone: +919316308184

Contact us through Email:

Our Fees for Reseller Panel Price is 999Rs. You will get any 3 tools free with your reseller panel.

After that you have to pay fees for Reseller you can pay through our QR Code.


GPAY – UPI QR Code:UPI Payment MethodTo Download  it click on the image

After Payment Successfull you have to send a screenshot to our email or whatsapp

Please send your account details for reseller account Name, Email & Phone Number.

After our support team confirms your payment. You will get the Email and Password credentials for login to reseller panel.

How to Access Reseller Panel Dashboard?

We have set up a retailer panel for reselling. In this panel, you can create subscriptions yourself. Just enter the user’s email, choose a tool, and you will get the key right there. You don’t need to come to us to generate it everytime.

Reseller Panel Access URL:

Login of Reseller Panel Scrapper Tool

Enter your Email & Password and then click on login.

After logged in you will see Reseller Dashboard.

Reseller Dashboard of Scrapper Tool

Our Charge Per License Fees for Chrome Extension

The price list is the same for all tools. Per license 599 with 1 year. 

Free Trial of Tool Manually Install Chrome Extension

If the customer want to test free trial then you can install our chrome extension.

Go To Manage Dashboard to Tool Details or directly go to the below url:

Chrome Extension of Scrapper Tool

You can Check our Video for Manually Install Chrome Extension to any PC.

1. Download the chrome extension that you want to install for the users.
2. Click on the Chrome main menu and select “Extensions” from the “More tools” option.
3. Here click on the “Developer mode” toggle at the top-right corner to enable it.
4. Now drag and drop the ZIP file of the extension in the Chrome extensions page and you’ll be asked to add the extension like you are usually asked. That’s All.

Customer Can use the free version of our tool.

Customer Want to Purchase our Tool

If customer want to purchase any chrome extension for to add user follow the below step.

1. Open Reseller Panel for create user.

2. You can click on Manage Users -> Add user

Click on add user - scrapper tool

3. You can enter the email address of that user

Create user of reseller panel - scrapper tool

4. After successfully create user click on the Manage User Subscription -> Create User Subscription.

Create Subscription of Scrapper Tool Reseller Panel

  • To add Subscription select user from the list of user.

select user from the list of user. - Scrapper Tool

  • Then Click on Select Product from the dropdown which tool user want to use.
  • Select subscription duration type & click on subscription duration count.
  • Add Subscription amount that you charged to your customer.(As finalize by us you want to add that amount)
  • Add the Subscription details to users PC.

Add subscription on Scrapper Tool


Scrapper Tool

Scrapper Tool is the most popular web scraping & web automations extension.

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