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How to use G-Map Data Scrapper Tool

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Step By Step Guide on G – Map Scrapper Tool

Download the G – Map Scraper Tool

  • first go to this page “G map Data Scraper Service” and click on “Add to Chrome” Button.
  • After clicking on the button zip file for the G map data scraper is download.
  • After download unzip downloaded file.

G map Data Scraper Step 1

Add G-Map data Scraper into Chrome

  • Click on browser action icon and then click on manage extensions.

G map Data Scraper Step 2

  • After click on manage extensions then you can see below screen.
  • On the right side you can click on “Developer Mode”.
  • Click on “Load unpacked” button and upload unzip download file.


Start Free Version on G-Map Scraper Tool

  • In the below screenshot click on”Start Free Version” button.

G map Data Scraper Step 5

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  • After clicking on free version button your free trial for the gmap data scraper started.

G map Data Scraper Step 6

Start Free Version on G-Map Scraper Tool

  • you can upload keyword file on “Upload Keyword File” input.
  • “Scrape Limit Type” on that input you can select “All” button if you need to scrape limited data set add limit on that input.
  • OR “Enter Keywords” field on that input add keywords in the filed.
  • You can click on “Skip Duplicate Record”  if you want to skip record.
  • After add fields added you can click on “Start Process” button.

G map Data Scraper Step 7




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